Saturday, 18 August 2007

Darren Hayes Slams John Howard: Qnews

Darren Hayes Slams John Howard

Brisbane’s own Darren Hayes, former lead singer of Savage Garden has slammed John Howard after his British husband was forced to fly to Australia on a tourist visa according to the Courier Mail.

Hayes is quoted as saying "It makes me angry and frustrated "I’m Australian and I can’t bring my partner home as my partner. "That to me is an infringement of my civil rights – a very un-Australian thing". "I would never have voted for John Howard and I encourage people not to. I don’t think he speaks for this country in the same way I don’t think George Bush speaks for the US". "Every time I come home there’s this whole kerfuffle" said Hayes who is in Australia to promote his new album and single that already is number 10 in the UK and hit Australian charts at number 29. The single "On the Verge of Something Wonderful" is listed on his new double album "This Delicate Thing We’ve Made" due for release on 20th August.

The Courier Mail’s website was inundated with comments when the article appeared attracting hundreds of responses.

Haye’s is also quoted as saying "We have to get Richard a visa. "He’s my partner, I share my life with him. I’ve inherited all the rights that normal couple have. "That’s my right as a human being. It really annoys me". "I’m in a loving, stable relationship".

"I love my record, I’d much rather be speaking about my record but at the same time I unwittingly became a spokesman for something I really do believe in".



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