Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Congratulations to Cameron Vella

Gay Rockhampton teen Cameron Vella has put up with the abuse for being gay and now at 16 is setting up a support group to help other rainbow teens in Rocky.

What Cameron has done and is doing shows real guts. Hope you get lots of support, Cameron- you deserve it!


  1. hi cammie
    i miss yu heaps
    i hope to somehow get in contact with you someday
    i think about yu everyday
    love yu heaps best mate
    love always bj

  2. I thank you for the support you all have given me over the past few years. The group has grown through leaps and bounds and as it grows so do i in body and mind. I speak out only to see that further generations have the support they need and the rights that they truely deserve as human beings. I believe in the Australian community and the hearts which hold it together and i know that as slow as it may seem at times we are working towards a brighter future for all. Stay strong and know that there is nothing that one person can not achieve.

    Peace, Love, Pride..

    Cameron Vella