Thursday, 3 April 2008

Government to remove same sex super discrimination

Senator Nick Sherry, Federal Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law has announced that the Rudd Government will be following through on its commitment to remove discrimination against same sex couples in superannuation where one of them is a Commonwealth public servant.

Senator Sherry did so in response to comments by Democrats Senator Andrew Murray.

Senator Sherry told the Senate:

What I can say
about same-sex couple amendments to public sector
superannuation is this, Senator Murray: yes, we gave a
commitment in the election. We gave that commitment:
I was the person who gave the commitment. We have
given commitments for a number of years, and we
have moved and supported amendments in this place
on a number of occasions. An announcement as to the
legislative process to deal with the issue will be made
shortly. There will be no attempt to go slow on this
issue. I understand the community groups involved in
lobbying know that the issue is being progressed, so
there will be an announcement shortly. As to when the
legislation comes in here—because it will go to some
other matters in terms of same-sex superannuation—it
will depend on the timetabling of the announcement.
The timetabling for it to be introduced to the parliament
will have to fit into the schedule. I believe I can
confidently say that—best efforts—it will be delivered.
An announcement will be made shortly, Senator
Murray. I cannot give you the exact date, for the reasons
I have outlined. I do not do not know when the
announcement of the formal details will be made and I
do not know when that will fit in with the legislative
time frame. I would be absolutely taken aback, Senator
Murray, if this matter was not resolved legislatively by
the end of this calendar year. I really would be taken

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