Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Book: The ridiculously simple thing about fear and anxiety: its gift

About a week ago I was contacted by a former client of mine, Dr Pearl Fitzgerald. Pearl told me that after her various travails, she realised that she was holding back anger(and bottling it up) because of her mother's abusive upbringing of her. Pearl resolved to do something about it.

Not only did Pearl deal with her anger (and illness), but she also found time in her ridiculously busy life to write a book: "The Ridiculously Simple Thing about Fear and Anxiety and its Gift."

It is a simple how to guide challenging many of our fears and anxieties, and saying how simple it is to overcome them.Not a long book by any means, and the kind you can read, put down and then pick up again to find another pearl of wisdom.(Excuse the pun.)

Here are some samples:

In this book, you are being asked to accept fear in its entirety, the fact that you produce your fear and anxiety, the body sensations, and what you do with them.Beyond that, you are also being asked to accept yourself as you are at this stage of growth and degree of self-ignorance and self-understanding.Accept yourself fully, your past, your present, and your perceived future.

The funny thing is that as you cease to be concerned by your fear it occurs with less frequency and intensity.

Pearl has published her book privately.It can be bought from her for $25 on pearladsl@qldnet.com.au or 0407232111.

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