Sunday, 15 June 2008

California: county offices suddenly can't do marriage

Well, was it a Clayton's victory? You know, the victory you have when you don't have a victory?

Only last month the California Supreme Court pronounced that same sex marriage was legal and that efforts to stop it were discriminatory.

Then following the decision when opponents got their opposition to same sex marriage on the ballot, and tried to get a stay of the court's decision, the courtrefused . The court's position was clear- this is a fundamental human right, and should not be held up.

Opponents are now trying through a lower court to seek a stay of the decision.

Well now the Wall Street Timesreports that two county offices in California, Kern and Butte Counties are now saying that they will not issue marriage licences, effectively meaning that same sex couples in those counties may not be able to marry.

USA Today reports that Kern County official Ann Barnett says the increased demand for ceremonies would overwhelm her staff and pose office security risks. She made the announcement after learning she could not marry only couples of her choosing.

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