Monday, 16 June 2008

Nelson wedging himself: Milne

Glenn Milne in the Australian suggests that Brendan Nelson is being wedged over the same sex super changes.

"WEDGE politics is back, and it goes by the name of same-sex couples. What it also goes to is the central tension running through Brendan Nelson's fraught leadership of the federal Liberal Party.

The wedge confronting Nelson on this issue is both internal and external. Internally it refers to his relentless and endless need to shore up support within the Right of the party in order to preserve his leadership against the juggernaut that is Malcolm Turnbull.

And externally it is grist to Labor's mill, cranking up the image of an Opposition Leader constantly forced to walk both sides of the street on social policy in order to remain electorally relevant, while struggling to survive factionally within his own caucus."

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