Thursday, 7 August 2008

Murder of transgendered woman in the States: is this the beginning of a transpanic defence?

Angie Zapata, a transgendered woman from Colorado was
murdered on July 17. A man has been arrested in the case.

The claims in the case are that one day, after meeting on a social networking site, Angie took the man back to her place and performed oral sex on him.

The following day, when the man came back, he is alleged to have asked Angie whether she was a woman, to be told "I'm all woman". The man then allegedly grabbed Angie's groin, discovered that Angie had a penis, and killed Angie.

It is only a question of time before the man's lawyer will argue that his client panicked and killed Angie on the basis that he thought Angie was a woman, and then discovered that Angie was a man.

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  1. as a person who has affirmed my male sex identity ( ftm transsexualism for those not up to date with the lingo)
    I hold concerns about safety for men with ts as there is no genuinely effective lower surgery at the momment, irrespective of sexual orientation.
    people such as myself seek the same loving and caring relationships as other beings.

    at what point should we have to disclose our affirmed status ( if disclosed at all)

    I personally know people who fear for their safety and acceptance who identify as same sex attracted men.

    are we welcome in the Gay and BIsexual Male community spaces or are we to be sujected to the same hostilites and uncertainties as faced by the person in this case.