Thursday, 5 March 2009

Same sex people need human rights protection: law lecturer

Dr Alan Berman, who has been funded by the Queensland Government to research homophobia in Queensland, spoke recently at the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland about the benefits for LGBTI people in having a charter of rights.
Dr Berman said that a charter of rights will help protect LGBTI people, when they receive only limited protection under the laws currently.
He would prefer a Bill of Rights, but as well as being a theorist, he was a realist, and to obtain a Bill of Rights would mean a constitutional amendment. Given that most referendum proposals, including previous modest attempts to protect human rights, were defeated this was a tall order, so a charter of rights, which would just need to pass both houses of parliament is the next best option.
Dr Berman urged those present to attend and tell their stories to the human rights inquiry led by Frank Brennan.

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