Sunday, 29 March 2009

St Mary's to go into exile

Rebel priest Father Peter Kennedy, who was sacked by Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby from St Mary's parish in inner city Brisbane because he did not follow the liturgical line, has decided to go out in exile.

Where is he going? About 100 metres away! To the ACT Queensland Headquarters (also the home of the ALP in Queensland).

Father Kennedy's unorthodox style resulted in a packed congregation, but complaints within the Church. After being spied upon by those who wanted to ensure a pure doctrinal line, and having those reports sent back to the Vatican, Bathersby had little choice but to follow through. Bathersby sacked Father Kennedy, who refused to go. The Church brought in retired High Court judge Ian Callinan as mediator, but after St Mary's Council refused to negotiate whether Father Kennedy ought to go, but how, meaning that the St Mary's church council refused initially to participate.

Mediation has now happened, and Father Kennedy is due to leave after Easter.

Part of the complaint was that Father Kennedy, 71, had celebrated gay unions.

St Mary's has the red roof at the left bottom corner of the photo, the new location is at the top right corner.

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