Sunday, 24 May 2009

German couple face surrogacy mess in India

The Times of India is reporting of red tape preventing a German couple trying to get their twins home from India.

The problem appeared that the wife did not have an egg available for the clinic, so an egg was "borrowed" from an unknown source, before being implanted in the surrogate. The result? The twins born as a result of the surrogacy have no stated mother on their birth certificate.

The problem became obvious when the German couple went to move to the UK. The UK refused to allow the twins to move there because the children's names were those of the wife, but no mother was shown on the birth certificate. To make it worse, because the father was German, the children were not Indian citizens either.

The couple are now trying to clear things up through Indian courts, but as a warning sign to others seeking to use Indian surrogacy centres, all are hampered by there being a lack of law. The court has requested that the Government issue identity certificates for the children. Whether the Government will do this, and whether this will solve the problem, is not known.

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