Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Homosexual panic defence alleged in Queensland murder trial: Courier-Mail
Federal Court says that Refugee Review Tribunal was biased against gay couple: Aust Gay and Lesbian Law Blog

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

ACT to legislate for civil unions again, though move likely to be "futile": Aust Gay & Lesbian Law Blog
Qld Government extends time for surrogacy and lesbian parenting reviews to 30 Sept: Aust Gay & Lesbian Law Blog

ACT to legislate for civil unions

The ACT Labor government is supporting moves by the ACT Greens to legalise civil unions in the ACT.

It is likely that any move will be vigorously opposed by the Rudd government, which has remained clearly opposed, as did the Howard government before it, to the ACT legislating for civil unions.

The Federal Government has the power to disallow ACT legislation, because the Commonwealth retains ultimate control over laws passed by the territories.

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell is pressing ahead with the move, which he says is in accordance with ALP policy, even though he acknowledges that the move is likely to be "futile".

For more, see the video on the ABC website.

Qld Govt extends time for responses to surrogacy, lesbian parenting reviews

The Queensland Government has extended the times for submissions to its reviews on surrogacy and lesbian parenting to 30 September.

The Government had originally set dates of last Friday, 18 September, for both:
  • its proposal to legalise altruistic surrogacy in Queensland, to include same sex couples;
  • its proposal for lesbian co-parents to be recognised on birth certificates when a sperm donation has been used, including IVF.
"Shared care is natural"- scientist says that single mums "defy evolution"- Australian
How a forensic accountant can help in property settlement matters: useful article

Monday, 21 September 2009

Family Court says now an express positive obligation to comply with parenting orders: Australian Divorce Blog

Saturday, 19 September 2009

25 years of acting for survivors of domestic violence

Friday, 18 September 2009

Today is the last day for commentary on the Qld Govt's proposed surrogacy and same-sex parenting changes
Brisbane domestic violence seminars: Australian Divorce Blog
American Psychologists Assoc propose new guideliens for reports in child protection cases: Australian Divorce Blog

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Men and women who have been subject to violence, gay and straight.
Aside from 25 years being a LONG time, I have had to reflect on some seminal events over that time. Some of my clients who have impacted...
Tomorrow night I deliver a speech for CEO Challenge about what it has been like acting for survivors of domestic violence for 25 yrs
One mum who had serial partners- and the daughter could trust no one. Remembering at 3 her dad driving out and stepdad driving in...
Especially liked the comment of one kid that the adults act more like children. Kids whose parents did not talk for years after divorce.
Tonight I watched SBS Insight episode: Kids on Divorce. Riveting stuff. Powerful TV

Monday, 14 September 2009

Wealthy couple fights for custody of African girl: Australian

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Court case illustrates perils for both parties when amount of child support isn't agreed: Australian Divorce Blog
Federal Magistrates Court test for "reasonable excuse" for contravening children's orders: Australian Divorce Blog
Kennon was a case where more was ordered on property settlement due to domestic violence. They can be run poorly, according to the analysis.
Highlights for me were a presentation challenging how family reports are presented and a paper by Jarrett FM about Kennon cases.
Topics this year included the usual suspects: property, children, domestic violence, costs and ethics. Many excellent papers & presentations
Back then only about 60 went. It has now outgrown most conference facilities.
Held annually in Qld, it is the largest annual family law conference in Australia. Scarily, I have been going on and off since 1988
Last Friday and Saturday I went to the Family Law Residential on the Gold Coast- about 500 family lawyers, judges, counsellors
A dad who racked up a $270k child support bill ordered to repay it: Australian Divorce Blog