Monday, 19 July 2010

Beyond that's so gay comes to Brizvegas

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Witthaus, who had come to Brizvegas as part of the national listening tour as Beyond that's so gay, on behalf of the Human Rights Commission. His 37 week national tour is an anti-homophobic one, and will hopefully highlight how far we as Australians have moved away from prejudice and division, and how far we have come- as well as how far we are yet to go.

In case you were confused, Daniel is the one on the right (as opposed to the man on the left trussed up like a chook). On a day that everyone including myself thought was a bitterly cold one in paradise, Daniel was the ONLY person in town wearing shorts and tshirt. When I asked him how he coped, he gave two answers:

  1. he'd cycled to my office
  2. he's from Melbourne
The really good news is that Daniel is not mad enough to cycle across the breadth of Australia - a car does him fine.

Good luck, Daniel!

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  1. Myself, along with the GLWA, also had the pleasure of meeting Daniel to discuss his national tour. He shared with us his strategies for dealing with homophobia, alongside stories of the ups and downs of his journey so far.

    The discussion’s highlight for me was the need for support and largely positive attitudes within rural and regional communities, of which I hope those differing perspectives will really set the tone for his trip along the East coast capital cities.

    Mark A. Hurley.