Saturday, 22 October 2011

Qld Deputy Premier wants civil union laws now:

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  1. I sent this letter to Andrew Fraser.

    Andrew Fraser
    Acting Pemier of Qld.

    Dear Mr Fraser,

    I wish to congratulate you for being prepared to put forward a Bill for Civil Unions in Qld. As you acknowledge this is not providing the full legal and social recognition/protection that allowing same sex couples to marry would bring, but it is a step in the right direction.

    I ask that you please assist to introduce these further measure to bring greater equality for same sex couples:

    1. Introduce legislation for Qld to recognise same sex marriages and civil unions performed overseas, by allowing automatic recognition of these relationships as Civil Unions in Qld. Currently Tasmania is the only Australian state that has legislated to allow this.

    2. If the Federal government fails to act to allow same sex marriage by early 2012, please introduce a Bill for state-based same sex marriage.
    Under the Constitution marriage is a concurrent power meaning both Federal and State governments have the constitutional capacity to legislate for marriage.

    Legal advice by constitutional law expert Professor George Williams is that: In 2004 when the Howard government amended the Marriage Act to allow marriage only between a man and a woman, this amendment has created the space for the states to legislate for same sex marriage, as there is no conflict between States legislating for same sex marriage and the Federal government legislating for opposite sex marriage.

    Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim explains this in a short audio file (please listen from 50 seconds)

    3. Call on the Qld Parliament to give in-principle support for marriage equality and also to request the Federal government to amend the Marriage Act to allow for same sex marriage nationally.

    I await your reply please.


    Phil Browne

    C.C. - Grace Grace MP (my local member)