Monday, 28 May 2012

Launch of Queer Without Fear

Julie Howes and Coral Logan from the LGBTI Legal Service at the launch.

A new booklet, Queer Without Fear, was launched in Brisbane today, dealing with the issue of LGBTI domestic violence. LGBTI domestic violence has been a largely hidden problem, with several unique characteristics, such as the fear of outing, not usually seen in domestic violence for those in heterosexual relationships, and with barriers preventing survivors from speaking out and obtaining help.

Based on a great booklet published by ACON about same sex domestic violence, Queer Without Fear was a joint effort of the Brisbane Domestic Violence Advocacy Service and the just defunded Queensland Association of Healthy Communities, with the support of the LGBTI Legal Service.

Funded by the Department of Communities Act as 1 campaign, the booklet is an exciting step forward in ongoing collaboration between domestic violence services and Healthy Communities, hopefully bringing the issue of same sex domestic violence out into the open.

Several thousand booklets have been printed.

Disclosure: I have been a volunteer at the LGBTI legal service for the last two years.

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