Sunday, 1 September 2013

The challenges of ice use and domestic violence

When I recently attended the Family Law Institute conference in San Francisco, one of the topics I was keen to explore was whether the problems with ice, or as it is called in the US, crystal meth, were as bad as ever. The news was depressing: yes.

When I first travelled to the US in 2006, the two key issues with the use of ice amongst gay men were quickly identified to me:

  • very high levels of domestic violence. This was entirely consistent with what I had seen in outer suburban Brisbane in the 90's where there was very high speed use.
  • high correlation between use of ice and HIV infection rates. After all, if you lose inhibitions completely, then you might lose control on protection (so the theory goes).
What was confirmed to me both at the conference, and metres from the rainbow crossing at West Hollywood, is that the challenges of these problems with the use of ice regrettably remain in the US, and no doubt here in Australia too.

The photo above was within metres of the rainbow crossing and these other pics:


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