Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Surrogacy media call out

I have been overwhelmed by media interest in the Baby Gammy story and the related stories, including the impact on Aussie parents who might be stuck with embryos in storage in Bangkok, or might have paid thousands of dollars to an agent in Bangkok, but with little to show for it, or even worse might have a surrogate pregnant there, and does not know if they can get the baby home, or in fact might get charged with human trafficking by Thai police.

Various media outfits want to run stories to show that there is a human dimension to this story. it is one thing to write about the pain that people are suffering, but seemingly very sterile and removed from the real pain- to hearing from real people who are really worried about what might happen to them, their kids and to any surrogate. Unlike the Baby Gammy story, journalists want to make sure that anyone talking to them has their anonymity kept- so that their identity is never known, and their privacy remains.

If you are in this category, and you want to tell your story, please contact me, so that I can put you in contact with media. My office will be closed Wednesday, due to the show holiday in Brisbane, but I will still be checking emails, and my office will be reopening Thursday.

My work number is 07 3221 9544. My email is: spage@harringtonfamilylawyers.com

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