Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Surrogacy seminar in Melbourne tonight, Sydney on Saturday

I address the seminar in Brisbane

It is always a joyous time to see friends from overseas, especially when we are all engaged in speaking together! I was lucky that on Monday night I was able to speak in Brisbane at the surrogacy seminar, along with my friends psychologist Dr Kim Bergman and fertility specialist Dr Said Daneshmand, each of whom travelled from the US to speak.

Dr Kim Bergman with a passionate talk about surrogacy.

Dr Said Daneshmand talked without jargon about the intricacies of IVF and donors.

The seminar in Brisbane, attended mainly by gay men seeking to become dads through surrogacy went swimmingly, with loads of information given minus the jargon.

Tonight there will be a further surrogacy seminar with Kim and Said in Melbourne, and again in Sydney on Saturday afternoon (though Said will be attending by Skype, due to the demands of his practice, he has to return home).

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