Thursday, 10 September 2015

A heartwarming surrogacy story on 60 Minutes this Sunday night

I learnt the news a couple of days ago that clients of mine will feature on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

The story will be about Claudia and Sonny Luca who were unable to have a baby, until Claudia's mum, Antonietta came along and said that she would be the surrogate. Claudia, Sonny, Antonietta and Claudia's dad Joe all feature as does the beautiful bouncing son and grandson Luciano.

It's not the first mother/daughter surrogacy I've helped along the way, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but it is a very touching and heartwarming story, with tears along the way, until joy!

It has been a privilege, as always, to help Claudia and Sonny achieve their dream to become parents and have a family.

Ironically, I will miss the story (aat least live) because when it is being broadcast I will be travelling back to Brisbane from Perth, after speaking about surrogacy to the Family Law Practitioners Association of Western Australia.

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