Sunday, 8 November 2015

I got married!

One month ago I got married to my husband Mitch in Las Vegas. We had a small number of American friends at the ceremony, and about four or five times that watching in the US, Canada and Australia as the wedding was streamed live. It was a non-denominational religious ceremony. Elvis was not present!

Originally we were going to wait until the law changed in Australia to enable us to marry. It hasn't, despite predictions that it might have changed back in August. We had decided to get married in New Zealand, with a special trip there. In October I had to travel to the US to present to the Bar Association of San Francisco seminar on surrogacy and to speak at the AAARTA (American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys) conference in Chicago. The plan was always to go to Las Vegas to visit the Fertility Center of Las Vegas and our good friends there, Dr Bruce Shapiro, Dr Said Daneshmand and Shiva Price. Then we thought- if we are going to be there anyway, we should take advantage of it and get married there. And we did! With lots of help from our American friends, but especially Shiva Price, Dr Daneshmand and Dr Shapiro.

The day before the wedding we flew in from Chicago. The day after it was back to work duties and flying back home. No honeymoon yet!

With our good friends (best man) Dr Said Daneshmand, Rich Vaughn and Dr Kim Bergman

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