Monday, 2 November 2015

LGBT Family Law Institute Brisbane meeting is off and running!

I am delighted to announce that following my sending out invitations, lawyers have commenced registering for the inaugural LGBT Family Law Institute meeting in Brisbane in March 2016.

The meeting will be the second ever held outside the United States. The first was in London in May this year. The LGBT Family Law Institute is a joint venture of the LGBT Bar Association of the US (which in turn is an affiliate of the American Bar Association) and of the (US) National Center for Lesbian Rights. The NCLR has been at the centre of much of the recent litigation in the US that resulted in that country's Supreme Court recognising same sex marriage. The NCLR's expertise int he area is unsurpassed.

The meeting is historic and hopefully will result in a national group (and voice) for family lawyers who represent LGBT clients.

Any family lawyers who wish to attend please either contact me or go through the website. Numbers are limited to 30.

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  1. It's good that there will be an actual avenue to provide legal solutions to LGBT clients. I can imagine it must be quite hard for them to seek counsel otherwise and this will help them to be more open and supported in finding redress.