Sunday, 22 May 2016

I have been nominated for LGBTIQ Activist of the Year. Please vote!

I am greatly humbled to have again been nominated for LGBTIQ Activist of the Year in the Queen's Ball Awards. The Awards have been running for 55 years, and are the world's longest running. They are held in Brisbane each June, this time on 11 June.

Anyone can be nominated. The nominations are then considered by the Brisbane Pride Festival Committee, vetted, and those cleared are allowed to proceed. Vetting and clearing has happened.

The winner is determined by voting- by anyone with an email address. Voting is from this page. I encourage everyone to vote, so that your voice is heard. If you believe that I am worthy of the role, I hope that you will vote for me. If you think that someone else is more qualified, then you will vote for them.

The winner is announced at the Queen's Ball on 11 June.

I am the current LGBTIQ Activist of the Year. The last year for me has been simply extraordinary, seeking to changes hearts and minds in Australia, the US and South Africa, as well as through the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

On top of everything else, my firm has just been awarded the Queensland Law Society Small Firm Practice Initiative in the Equity and Diversity Awards because of our advocacy for women and LGBTI people, and for my writing this "pioneering" blog.

And if that were not enough, yesterday I learnt that a court case I was helping on in England has succeeded, which means that the ban there on single people becoming parents has been overturned.

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