Monday, 14 August 2017

Enrol to vote by 24 August

If you want to have a say in the postal plebiscite, or as the Government is now calling it - the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey - you must be correctly enrolled by 24 August 2017. 

I urge everyone to enrol to vote, and then to vote.

I respectfully differ with the approach taken by the Honourable Michael Kirby, who said that he and his partner Johan would be boycotting the plebiscite as a matter of principle. 

Politicians understand one thing – numbers. 

In my view the plebiscite has been deliberately set up to fail by the conservatives, because it is not compulsory and it is by post.  Therefore older more conservative people are much more likely to vote whereas younger people and those who feel disenfranchised from society, will not. 

Do not think that your vote will be a waste.  Everyone ought to vote.  To enrol to vote go to

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