Friday, 25 August 2017

If marriage equality is to be achieved, then Australians for Marriage Equality needs money

Do not believe the no vote propaganda of the all powerful gay lobby, conquering all before it.

I remember when at one stage I seemingly was that all powerful gay lobby in Queensland! Why did my muscles in the mirror look nothing like what the Australian Christian Lobby had led me to believe how big and strong I was?!

I also remember when 7 of us took on the Queensland Attorney-General to fight for fairness in who became parents- and for every person signed up for our petition, the Australian Christian Lobby signed up two for their competing petition. Somehow, against those odds, we won.

Campaigning for equality costs money. Whether it be fighting in the High Court, maintaining a huge database of supporters, or if the High Court challenge is not successful and the postal survey is going ahead, campaigning to win- it all costs money.

Quite simply, Australians for Marriage Equality need money. LOTS of money. Any money you can donate. TV ads cost a bucket. So do flyers. And radio ads. And mail outs. Without that money, they may not succeed. They have to pay people to do the work. Money does not grow on trees. Equality may not be achieved any time soon.

What is needed is a convincing victory on the yes vote. Without that convincing victory- seat by seat- Federal MP's may still say that they are not listening to the Australian public or that there are "mixed messages". Without that convincing majority, marriage equality will not be achieved in this Parliament. It will be stymied in the House of Representatives or the Senate by the likes of Tony Abbott or Eric Abetz.

That convincing victory is only likely if the one organisation at the centre of the campaign, Australians for Marriage Equality, has the resources available to it to do its job.

If a no vote wins- and this is possible- then any chance of change any time soon is dead.

Because voting is not compulsory, then there is every chance that the no vote will win. Older voters are committed voters. Young voters have lower participation rates with non-compulsory voting.

Please donate!

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